I found this lecture interesting because it takes the concept of perspective and almost changes the meaning of what perspective can be. When I think of perspective it is quite a limited term but through the lecture it was opened. By doubling or having multiple view points it changes the way that a form can be seen, for example in 2-point perspective the object that is drawn look relatively normal in the space on the page, whereas in 3-point perspective the form look slightly out of shape almost as if the form as been pinched and pulled to change the shape, which makes the form look incorrect. This was pointed out in the lecture when we were on the topic of “more realistic than the human eye” which gave a perspective like the fish eye effect on a camera, where the middle was blown up and the corners of the image was smaller than would have been in real life, which does not happen when you take a panorama image. To me a more realistic image is the panorama as everything in the image is the correct size and the way it would look if you were to look at the real form.


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