when we think about product design it no longer means making something beautiful and very detailed to look at as that is no longer the most important thing to product designers. However what is not perceived as beautiful is not necessarily ugly, as we find certain features appealing such as; shiny, bright, textured, though if we were to think of the opposite of those; dull, plain and smooth, those are not ugly or unappreciated features on a object. As depending on the item the features required for it are different from another.

Another thing that was discussed was the topic perfection has been devalued as it is so easy to do this is true as things that we need for everyday use are so available to us. A few months ago my parents bought a new house so they had to buy all new everything, which meant drag me along to every store looking for the best possible crockery. Spending hours on hours looking at different crockery they all start looking about the same, and when there is that much it just makes the investment that much harder when there is no longer a real value in the thing that your buying because the company can make the item for a reduced price allowing for the price for the item to drop as well. Which has made us devalue the production and design of the item by a great value.


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