This project required us to create a wooden framed kart that would be powered by a cordless drill, in groups. This project was very hard to do as there were many conflicting ideas and made it difficult to come up with a design we were happy with then making the design function in the time we had. In groups of about five people we had to design, build and drive the kart. We were given 1200 x 1200 x 10 mm piece of plywood to have the main frame of the kart out of the rest of the materials that we required we had to ‘source’ ourselves. That meant that we had to find/ buy scrap bikes for wheels and bike chains and gears. This was actually quite difficult as we couldn’t really do anything before we had a final design, and even when we had the bikes and the final design we still had to go find new ones, as we found that certain wheels were too big or too small and the gears and chains were to worn down to work properly.

Our design was a seated position with big wheels and the back that were connected to the gears and cordless drill, while we have small wheels in the front which were attached with a pivot to allow the feet to steer the kart round corners. The kart was able to take everyone’s weights in the team (which was required by the brief), however we had a few problems before the race. One issue that most of the teams had been that they either weren’t able to hook up the drill to the gears properly or the kart functioned well on the desk but when it was sat on and the weight changed the chain would move and no longer work. For my team we weren’t able to hook up the gear disks and the chain properly due to a slightly bent gear that would make the chain jump off when the drill was turned on. This meant that for our kart we had to detach all of the gears so that when we were sat on it they wouldn’t hit any of the wooden frame and cause the wheels to stop spinning. Also as we no longer had a driving system we had to have a runner that would push the kart round the track, this would have worked just fine too, however a team member got a little to excited about being able to sit on the kart that he accidentally snapped the front wheels (steering system) off the kart, right before the race. That basically meant that we no longer had a functioning kart for the race, but we tried our best to get round the track 🙂 .


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