In this project we were each given a quote (above) to help us create a complete story for a character, so that we could develop a world in any time with any story so that we could create an item the character in our story might require.

         I began by researching the quote and all of the possible meanings of each of the words in it, for example, there are two meanings of muse; a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. OR each of 9 goddesses the daughter of Zues and Mnemeyne who presides over the arts and sciences. I then moved on to thinking about non-literal meanings but metaphorical meanings of what the quote could mean. I began thinking of the metaphorical meanings of muse for possible different stories set in different times; sacrifice to a god, miss universe, tribute/volunteer, popularity contest ect. 

        After researching a developing different stories I came up with two major stories, the first of which was a Speakeasy Owner in the 1920s and the second Aztec sacrifice to a God. The main parts of first story are; my character is a dress-maker/shop owner in the 1920s with a speakeasy in the back room. The second story; my character is a young beautiful girl who is chosen as a virgin sacrifice for a God, and works in a store selling materials for dresses and clothes in Aztec times. With both of these stories I had a few problems as in the Aztec story they probably wouldn’t have had the material to make velvet or be able to develop in a way that would be required for the story, and in the 1920s story I wasn’t sure how the muse would fit, as I didn’t know what it could possibly mean.

       While researching and developing ideas and designs for my 1920s storyline I found myself quite bored and developing ideas for things that already existed. Therefore I developed my story into prohibition has returned to the world in the future (after 2050) but everything about my characters story remains the same. I began thinking of products that I could design for my character in this environment, therefore I began by making a list of things that she would need to be a successful speakeasy and shop owner. I eventually came up with a transportation or secret passage way device to either get a person into the speakeasy or transport them to another place where the speakeasy is.

      Using this idea of having the speakeasy in a different place I thought about alternate dimensions or dream states. With this I developed a few different concepts for how this could possibly be done; eating or drinking something, glasses and a USB-IV needle system. The eating or drinking system I got from the scene in ‘Alice and Wonderland’ where she has to find the right door, this is the concept I am using where if the person eats or drinks the correct item they will be able to find the correct door to get to the correct back room (which would be changed each night) but if the wrong item is consumed then the person with have been drugged to be removed from the premises. The glasses system is similar to a oculus rift products which are virtual reality glasses that allow the person who is wearing them to look and feel like they are in the surrounding that is shown through the glasses. The USB-IV needle system is basically an IV needle that is placed into a vein near the elbow, but the bottom of the needle has a USB port attached to it too allow someone to place a USB stick into the port which would allow the person to enter a dream state like alternate dimension.

         The concept I chose to use as my final design was the USB-IV needle system I chose this as it seemed the most likely system that would be used in the future and was the least complicated system that I had designed. This system is also that safest system that I had come up with as in the dream state the person isn’t actually ingesting alcohol or drugs that they might have taken in the dream state, the person is still getting the response in the body and mind that the drugs or alcohol would produce as a chemical release would occur in the person’s body and reflect in the dream state self. This allows people to have and do whatever they want without any of those bad consciences, this would also prevent over dose and possible suicides from drug and alcohol use. However this item can not yet be produced as the technology has yet to be designed.


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