From anti-fashion to Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball DR MARTENS have done it all. The main thing that I got from the lecture was to track an item all the way back to the beginning as its whole history is important, and how the meaning or the status of the item has changed. This is obviously important to do when researching products that already exist, as it is vital to see what works and what doesn’t. Another thing is also to see what has been made before as to not do it again. Like DR MARTENS are now and have always been into people customizing and individuality of peoples shoes to make them their own. Which is very important to think about when designing a new product for the market. As these days everyone wants to be an individual and not have the same thing as everyone else, for example; though many people may have an iphone but not everyones looks the same, as people have different cases which can change the shape and look of the phone and then depending on ring tones and background pictures ect. No phone is the same anymore and everyone is an individual and no one wants the same thing as anyone else. This does not just apply to an object though, as everyone designs themselves in there own way, this what there wear and how they look, such as hair colour and piercing, jewelry or none at all.


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