Literal; a true fact, an unimaginative way of thinking. 

Phenomenal: philosophical study of the structures of subjective experience and consciousness. 

What is literal can also be phenomenal or vice versa? The most interesting thing that I took from this lecture was the bit about the smile and forms. The fact that we can take a two symbols such as -> 🙂 to mean a smile as the slightly upward curved line to form a smile, but when we see a person smile it also is a smile. So does that mean that they are both true smiles or is the one on a persons face a real smile and the symbol nothing at all. That would change the context of texts a lot. If a smiley face is not a smile then why are they so common and why do we use them so often from child hood all the way to adult hood. Also why do people say that the Mona Lisa smile is the most beautiful smile there is, not quite a smile but an almost smile so does that count as a smile as it’s not a full smile. Therefore is a creepy smile such as one by the joker from batman a real smile as well, or is it not  as it does not have the  true nature of a smile.


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