The City Project

For the city project we have been placed into groups with several other students from other art and design disciplines. In my group we have an illustrator, graphic designer, maker, textile and a product designer. This is quite a good group of disciplines as there are many different skills that we each have and that will help us when coming up with ideas and developing them.

We found that we all had a common theme which was the use and abuse of the city, body and mind. With this we decided to use emotions and hidden feelings and show them on the outside. Our chosen demographic are students, as it is a huge change in any persons life when they move away from home and have to fend for themselves, its also usually a lot harder then what the person is expecting and they tend to miss home more then they thought they would.

While developing the idea in a group conversational setting we came up with the idea of a comments/wish box that people could voice there opinions in on there daily life and the good and the bad things. Unfortunately with the lack of time for this project and being slightly unorganized we havent had time to completely this task properly. A survey monkey questionnaire was set up and has had some responses but not enough to make the final piece a reality at this point in time.