Notes on Development of Essay

I first when over the Pop Art powerpoint and made new notes on the powerpoint, these notes are below, with theses notes I then started to break down the pop artist, into ones that I liked so I could research them further and start to develop arguments for the essay. It was helpful to do this from the notes as it meant I didn’t have to go searching through books and the internet to find an artist I knew I would want to write about and be able to write about easily, as i find it easier to write about an artists work that I enjoy looking at myself and have feelings towards.

20150406_140355 20150406_140400 20150406_140404

Here are my notes based on research that I did on the question that I chose, Is pop art a celebration or critique of consumer culture. I started by researching and defining both Pop Art and Consumer Culture, by doing this i got a base for my essay and started to form some ideas of arguments that I might be able to use in the essay. I then went on to research artist both from Europe and the USA, I have chosen 3 european artists; Claes Oldensburg, Richard Hamiliton and Pauline Boty and 2 american artist; Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I have chosen these artists based on the work they have done and the view that I have of there work and how I can form an argument from there contrasts and comparison within there work.

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