Over View of Constellation

As a product design student I didn’t see the point in some of the lectures, as they didn’t seem to pertain to my subject or have any real use to me. However a few of them did stand out to me, and made me think in a different way to how i usually think. this allowed me to broaden my way of thinking and allowed me to design things in a new different way, this has allowed me to understand how other people from other subjects think and how they tend to do projects and create things.

This helped a lot when i started doing the field project, with other people from other subjects, as i knew they would want to do different things to what i wanted. By learning in constellation how other people might think it allowed me to be more open when listening to other peoples ideas , it also allowed me to take a back seat in what people in the group wanted to do but still take on the role as leader of the group. By allowing the other members to take on the main parts of the project and by me taking the over arching role it allowed the project to run relatively smoothly, though it didn’t go exactly as i had planned or was hoping that it would. But with the time that was allowed and how the other members of my group worked it went as well as it possibly could have gone.

Not only has constellation helped me to understand others better, but it has also helped me to understand the vastness of my subject. It has shown me that not only could i design products that i really want to design and believe are the most important products but that I also have to design things that  I don’t like designing. However not only things I don’t like designing but shows me how Product design can fit into other subjects and how other subject can be a benefit to me and how i can be a benefit to others. For example if i was to design a cup with a certain theme that i needed a certain type of illustration for then I would be able to reach out to someone in that subject. By doing this it would allow me to make more of a final prototype and show progression with my own projects and would allow me as a designer to look more sophisticated and shows that I can work well with others. This is going to be a very useful trade to help me later in life especially after leaving university, but will continue to help when working in groups on people whether they are in my subject group or whether they come from different backgrounds. Constellation has helped me open my mind to others opinions and ways of thinking much more then it was before, which has in-turn expanded my own goals when designing products.


Working with others …… the good

Working with others can be a hassle but can also have many benefits, one of the main benefits is that you can use everyone’s different talent and advantages to learn from. working in groups help people to develop new skills easily and quickly and allows you to learn from someone that uses the skills frequently, with those skills you can find out there own personal little techniques that they like to use when trying to make certain things.

not only can you learn about new skills but you can use the skills that they have that you don’t possess to help you with the project. For example I am not the best at cad drawing, which is why when grouping up with people in product design I chose people who can do it. Which allows me to focus on what i can do to help the project further along while i allow the other people in the group to do other parts of the project. this allows me to be less distracted and frustrated by trying to learn new things that take time when in the middle of a project. Further more when working in a group it allows for amount of work that can not be done on your own, it allows work and developments to be created faster allowing for there to be more time to critique and fix any problems that may arise.