WILDLIGHT; extra information

This product was designed to be printed and made in a fab lab, with a flat pack design to make it easy for people to put together. Though due to the complicated nature of the design, patience is defiantly something that you will need.


Above are all the parts that make up the product along with a bulb, cable and thread. These are all things that you will need for this product. There is a total of 89 pieces to make the product (81 head pieces, 4 shield and 4 to hold the bulb in place).


To make the head use 2mm thick acrylic, we recommend clear frosted acrylic if you are planning on painting over the top of it or to get the best effect, but that’s up to you. Use the coreldraw template to create the head, stretch it to fit as big as it will go on a 600mm x 400mm piece of acrylic. This will allow the pieces to be less fiddly and will then be the right size for the shield, if you choose to do a different size take into account the difference in size for when printing out the shield and when putting the piece together.

Once the head has printed out (image above) we recommend that before you remove it from the laser cutter you place tape over the grouped pieces. This will allow the full product to be put together quicker and less difficulty, as most of the pieces are triangles of similar size, then place in a bag or box so not to loose any pieces.

put it togethertheardtheard 2theard 3tietheard 4tie 2

The series of pictures shows how to connect two pieces together using a needle and thread, the pictures above are of one of the backs of the ears for the elephant head. For both using thread or wire you will need to thread it through both wholes of each piece several times and pull as tight as possible to allow the joint to be as strong as possible. Once you are happy with the joint cut the thread about an inch long and then double knot the two pieces of thread together  then cut any extra thread. To make this stronger with thread dab a bit of PVA glue on the thread this will solidify the joint and make it less wearable and stronger.


For the shield, there is 4 pieces, the 2 front pieces will only have one hole in each, but the two back pieces will have three, this is so that you will be able to attach it to the desired wall with nails. The order of how to put the pieces together is in the fabrication instruction document. To remove the burnt parts from any piece, either acrylic or wood, use the finest grade of wet and dry sand paper, and with soft circular motions remove the burnt section. It is best to sand all over the piece so as not to get discolouration. For the shield it is not necessary to do every piece, we recommend only doing the top piece that will be visible.

bulb holder

For the bulb holder, use the circles that are cut out of the middle of the shields, then mark out in the center of each piece the correct size circle of your light bulb cable holder. then PVA glue each piece together, to form a block, test it in the piece and with the bulb cable you may need to sand it down around the edges to allow it to fit better into the shield or to place the bulb holder into the piece. This will allow the bulb to be steady and secure in the piece, but also allow you to remove it from the piece easily to replace the bulb without having to take apart the whole product. Try to place it as far into the piece as it will go so that there is nothing sticking out of the back of the piece that would prevent it from being hung on the wall.


Where do I place it? We recommend that you place it on either the wall above or opposite the bed in the bedroom of the person it is for. The product is designed for children 8 and over, so in the image above we would place the product in between the two coloums of flowers, this will allow it to light up the room when it is dark and will be able to be seen as a main feature in the room during the day. Obviously it is your choice but we recommend it in these areas so that it becomes not only a lamp for a bedroom but a feature for everyone to see.


If you are looking to make the piece more personal, either use different material then we have suggested or different coloured acrylic, this will many a different effect then the one that we have produced, or add to it by painting over the top of the piece of gluing things to it. Feel free to experiment with it and change the design by cutting out sections in the piece to allow for shadows to be created.



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