THE CITY PROJECT; development




Above are some images that we found that when researching our idea, they all show the human form in different ways using different materials and effects to create the desired effect to show what could be on the inside on the outside.



Originally the idea was to do some kind of human body shape, but after some time we decided that it would be easier to do a different simple form. The image above shows how we developed the idea from making a human form out of clay or plaster to using paper tags to create the image as well as hold the comments that we would collect from people later on.


designdesign 2

The images above show how we decided to embellish the tags with the different things that people in the group did in the subjects. Different textures and designs; graphic images of the world map in different colours and styles, sewed images that communicated the words and hand drawn maps of city’s all over the world. By doing this it made the tags more artistic and aesthetic to look at  which in turn made them more approachable.




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