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Above are some images that we found for a mood board, in the images above there are a series of different materials and styles of how these lamps and products were made. Through basic research of both 3D printed and Laser cut lamps and products we were able to decided that we wanted to laser cut our piece, after the original research we liked the look of the animal head ideas (images above) though we chose to combine this animal head idea with a clean cut version. To do this we chose to design the head in a geometric form, like the red bear above.


Initially we were unsure of who our target market was, this lead to a lot of different possible designs, the images below are some paper and material models that show experimentation of the design.
Displaying 20150510_151853~2.jpg
Displaying 20150510_151846~2.jpg

Displaying 20150510_151840~2.jpg

Displaying 20150510_151833~2.jpg

Displaying 20150510_151830~2.jpg

Displaying 20150510_151804~2.jpg

Displaying 20150510_151758~2.jpg

Displaying 20150510_151753~2.jpg

The images above allowed me to see how different colours and patterns cut out of the paper came through with different patterns and shadows on the wall . This also helped when coming up with a final design, we decided to keep it simple and let the customer make it a more personal item by painting over the top of the material. This was also made it more appealing to our target market (8+) as it allows them to put there own twist on the product without many restrictions.The documents could be edited to fit in a pattern onto the pieces or it could be assembled then painted, both would be easy to do and would make this product more to the persons liking.  The rendering below is an example of what might have been done if someone was to paint over the top of the product.

Displaying b+a lamps.png

As can be seen the elephant head at the top are the design that would be created when our files are printed out, and the elephant heads that are below show what a Boy and Girl might do to them to create there own personal perference on the item. It creates a very different effect and becomes a much more personal item then it was before. Also as the material that is used it Acrylic it is easy to clean off paint from the surface and start over if you have made a mistake or want to change the design that you had put on it in the first place.


At the beginning of the project we were not only unsure of what age group we wanted to aim this product at but also what design of the head we would use. So we designed several different designs of heads, which can be seen in the image below. However we chose to focus on the elephant head as it was the most well planned out CAD drawing that we had developed and seemed to fit together quite well, though we did make models of the stag head as well.

Displaying final render.png

Even though the elephant head was the best CAD drawing that we had which made it easy to make it still took about six times cutting it out on the laser cutter and trying to put it together to get the final design of the product. This is because this product is quite fiddly and requires a certain touch to put it together. The images above do not do justice to the amount of pieces that there are to put together to form the head. There is in total 89 pieces to put the whole product together, 81 of those are just to make the form of the elephant head for the main part of the lamp. We would of liked to make it easier to assemble but due to the material and the restrictions of the brief we were unable to do so. Though we did find it a lot easier to put the piece together if you tape the group of shapes as they are when you open the laser cutting machine, this way you are not wasting all your time trying to find the right piece to go where as the pieces are not numbered in anyway. That is defiantly one thing that I would do if I did this project over or something similar to this again. Also the bigger that you print it out the easier it is to put together, and vice versa. Another reason this assembly of this product is tricky is due to the angle that the pieces have to form to create the head in the correct shape, we found it hard to create something to stick the pieces together. We thought about different joints, but that would mean redesigning the whole head and every line and decided not to do this as it would cause the angles to be off when we assembled it. We though about pegs or slots but decided in the end that threading wire or thread in holes would be the best idea. As through threading wire or thread it allows you to pull the pieces together as tightly as they will go and also allows the angles that are needed to create the correct shape for the head. It takes a bit more time but it gives an effect to the piece to make it less modern and looks a bit more family orientated, and becomes a family activity putting the pieces together a bit like a jigsaw.

Displaying exploded.png

The image above is an exploded view of the head, this shows intercrate the pieces are and that it is a pretty complex design but is well worth the effort to put it together.

Displaying Snapchat-4326906993349662599.jpg

The image above is our final piece; which we threaded/ tied together with black wire but of course when making your own use whatever wire or thread you want. We also chose to make our clear acrylic frosted as when doing research into mood and night lighting we found that most of the product used frosted material so that they light became dimmer and didn’t distract people as much, which is very important with the development of mood lighting. It is meant to be used at night, but this is not recommended to be used as a night light, with the light bulb that we are using. As the light bulb we chose is a high powered bright LED, it creates a very bright light which is what we wanted for our product and the exhibition, but if its going to be used as a night light we recommend a dim yellow to red colour tone as this the colour range that indicates to our brain that it is night time.


Displaying 11348505_10206212976717608_587439056_o.jpg


We decided to add/ make a logo for the product to make our images look more official, I created the logo, but decided to keep it relatively simple to allow it to be readable and still look appealing one of things that we wanted to communicate through the logo that the product is for kids ( 8 and up). Which is why I used a bright pink, blue and yellow in the logo. Also a bit of photoshoping to create the image below with the family and the product as we were unable to take a real life image of a family using or putting together our product with the correct age group.

Displaying 20150608_221220~2.jpg

Displaying family pic.jpg


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