100 ideas

100 idea project was a both hard and easy, it was hard based on the fact that a 100 ideas for a mundane item like a pepper grinder is hard, especially when thinking rationally most usefully and function pepper grinders are already in the market. which kind of forced me into thinking of more comical designs on a pepper grinder. Ie most of my designs worked with the typical grinding mechanism but the design that they were shaped in wasn’t typical. when it came to it I probably only had maybe less than 10 designs that didn’t run off the typical “grinder”.

These few designs that were probably as original as you could get someone has probably already thought of but either wouldn’t work or maybe don’t have as big of a market as they should have. I went out of the box a little and thought about what else do you grind and put over food that isn’t pepper…. the first thing that pops into my head is of course salt… but salt is also very boring so I didn’t bother doing that… I one of those people that loves a bit of spice on all my food, also throwing chilli in everything and splashing Tabasco all over the place so i decided to make a chili shaped dried chili grinder. Jamie oliver has a series of flavored slat and pepper grinders but I wanted to design something a little more fun and obvious for the people that just hate spice.

one of the other ideas I had is a grinder for children, i thought about what kids love …. ICE CREAM…. who doesn’t love ice cream, and how do you make ice cream better … with sprinkles or chocolate chips … so I designed a grinder shaped like a unicorn that would essentially throw-up sprinkle bits or whatever you chose to put in it … to make something fun for kids to add to the typical desert and make it fun again.


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