counterbalance lamp

a counterbalance lamp is a free standing or desk lamp that stands and is held up by the weight of the lamp and the balance that is on the opposite end of the pole that has the lamp shade attached to it. this product is more of an asthetic piece then a piece of product that is used for a function. obviously it is a lamp but the counterbalance doesnt have a purpose apart from the fact that it is just an extra piece of the design that helps the lamp to function properly. Obviously there are a lot of different designs for desk or free standing lamps, so why would you choose to design a lamp that has an extra formation to it that has no real function purpose. simple to make something pretty, something that people want to have on there desk or in there living room, then a counter balance lamp would make perfect sense for that reason.

for my counter balance lamp I didnt want to design something ugly and similar to the other products that already exisited, so I thought about other counterbalance products. the first thing that came to mind was other counterbalance products, like geo- balls that help products that drive on walls and will always bounce back to the same side everytime. with that idea in mind I chose to design a lamp with a geo-ball for the bass of the lamp. This meant that you could pull it down all the way to the desk and it would spring back and forth till it would final go back to the original position and remain there. by designing it with a geo-ball as the base it would take up less space on the desk then other counterbalance lamp which tend to take up a lot of space, based on the way they are designed.


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