Korea: food




The first night we arrived we went out for a traditional Korea meal, it seems customary that you the chef will prepare the main item of food then you cook it over either a hot plate (like in the picture above) or over a ceramic bowl of hot coals with a a pull down extractor fan above it. then all the side a fully cooked and prepared and provided in small bowls that can certainly fill the whole table leaving little room for anything else. It also seem to be mainly family style kind of eating, ordering one meal for the table and everybody shares that one meal, with a large amount of sides and rice to fill you up.


another aspect of the Korea culture is street food, in the uk you  don’t tend to get street food. I think the closest thing to street food in Cardiff would probably be the indoor market in town. Where its fruit and veg stalls, butchers and a few places to pick up a sandwich or welsh cake. But the street food in Asia and especially in Korea I’ve noticed that every class (from people in jeans to people in suit and ties) will sit down on the side of a road in a tent made from clear plastic and have a full meal. As you can see in the picture above there’s also just take away food, like hot dogs and dumplings that are placed on wooded sticks to make it easy walking food. This is something you defiantly don’t get in the UK, i think the only food that i ever see people walking and eating with is probably Greggs but that’s nothing compared to the food that’s provided in Korea.


Even in the indoor markets  have food stands (restaurant) after stand, and its all hand made and on the spot and cheap (hand made noodles and dumplings). I finally felt like i was having a real Korean experience when a few of us sat down in the middle of an indoor market and had a bowl of noodles and dumplings for 5000 won, as it was something that an every day Korean would do on a regular basis, obviously they go out to restaurants like we have but I felt more immersed into the culture by experiencing that. Not only was the food amazing by the experience of being welcomed to sit down by the owner, then having him setting our table (he placed a napkin on the table in front of each of us with our chopstick on top of it then placed a glass and filled it with the water) it was something i haven’t received from anywhere else we’ve eaten, it showed me how much he values his customers and the pride he takes in running is food stand.




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