Korea: architecture


Seoul is covered in interesting buildings, not only are most of them high rise apartment blocks, or shopping centers. but there are also the tiny side streets that are squished in between in almost no space at all between all of these massive pillars of glass. Also some how  there is still space for the traditional palaces and Buddhist temples. With a population of 25.6 million, with a population density double that of new York city. I don’t see how seoul has managed to fit everything in, and with the amount of detail that is put into everything.



the detail that has gone into the traditional buildings is beautiful, and incredibly colourful. To the point that your not 100% positive if it was created and looked like that when it was first built as there is nothing built anywhere close to the detail put into these traditional Korean palace in todays buildings . Though I’ve noticed in Korea they put detail on everything, its not the amount of colour and cartoon pictures on packaging of food and everything, but its also pattern details on the door in the subway  station and on the sides of the escalators and the drains  are also little pieces of art.


Not only is it just detail on things in the street its the actually buildings as well, some have light animations that run all day and night, some buildings have an exoskeleton on the outside that adds extra detail to the building so it doesn’t look like a pillar of glass, and sets it apart from the other buildings. One place I went to was Gagman where we walked down a street that was just high quality fashion store after store. However these stores were joined in anyway, they were all individual stores and buildings, and each building had been deigned in a way that would best represent the store. Also the subway station in gagman looked as if I had stepped into an entirely different country(see picture below) I guess it was to show the fact that its a affluent area, and has to be set apart from all the other stations in some way.




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