korea: project development


taking something form korea and branding it for the uk or vise versa (making it related to the difference in cultural market and develop something that could be useful in the urban market of the uk)



  • cartoonish idea and images …. signs for everything were cartoonish design
  • justify the reason it would be good idea for the uk ect
    • how its used in the korea and the influences to how it would work and be in the uk
  • key words
    • empathy
    • observe
    • key facts- culture
    • using the space
    • oasis
    • airport flower / plant features (something that people don’t tend to notice but separate the grey building and makes it look a bit nicer)
    • how to have something pretty to help in a bland space\
    • how the birds are everywhere even though its the middle of a polluted city
    • there on the top of homes (shack houses in between skyscrapers) and on the top of hotel buildings and business buildings WHY?
    • tree standards?
    • oxygen limits?
    • pollution cleaning?
    • not enough space on the streets to put the trees
    • filling the space
    • making the use of all the space to make it nicer
    • or is it a private garden as theres no space on the street for gardens
    •  pill pot idea (with ceramic bowl)
    • rebeccas medicine .. individual packets with several pills
    • traditional medicines
    • teas



  • medical pharmacy
  • traditional Korean medicines (store)
  • look at packaging and how it differs on different medications
  • look at rebeccas pill packets/ perhaps take pictures of her using them
  • teas and herbal or root/veg remedies
  • traditional Korean pots (small containers )
  • maybe design it in a way of Korean ceramic or wooden carved box
  • usability for the elderly????



  • juices with other herbal teas
  • herbal tea mixes
  • smoothie
  • fresh made pomegranate juice
    • look into how its made
  • pom juice
    • whole fruit
    • seeds and all
    • are the seeds what you need to get the nutrients



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