Korea: Busan trip

on one of the days we were in korea we took the KTX train to busan, where we went to the university there and got to interact with the students on product design the whole day.

this was a very interesting experience because we got to see around the university, the facilities they had were very different to what we have at cardiff met. For starters the first thing we saw when we entered the university was a series of models that had been made as part of a show.

above are just 3 models of cars that the students had created, we were told that they were made from a basic blue foam model with clay over the top to create the details. They obviously had some plastic polymer over the top of that whether it had been vacum formed or cnc im not sure. more likely cnc. but from the quality of this work and the other models at this show it showed me what was possible to make as a final model and how we dont do that over at cardiff met. I would be very interested in learning how to do a blue foam and clay model as a new technique. The other reason these models are so pretty is because getting plastic full scale and small scale models made in korea is a fraction of the price that it would cost in the uk. which is also very understandable. Another major difference that we all found very interesting was the fact that a few years ago the university didnt even have a work shop. When i entered the work shop i expected it to be a lot bigger then the ones we have a cardiff met considering the craftsmanship that went into the models above. However it was one small room with maybe 5 machines in it. I was very surprised by this as i was expecting rows on rows of 3D printers and Cnc machines.


the korean students we spent the day with were all product designers. An interesting fact that we were told was that there was only 3 boys on the course, because this field was still considered an artistic course which was meant to be for girls. Where as in the uk it is the opposite, weve only got 5 girls on the course with an additional 3 korean exchange girls, with there being over 35 boys on the course with us.

One of the things that i found funny was how we stepped into the university and there was giggles everywhere. It was quite funny as that not what you  expect to hear, but in most places in korea there not used to seeing foreigners. which is very understandable but instead of pointing and staring while whispering to the person next to you (which is what we would do in the uk) they just quietly giggled to themselves.

during the day  we were able to have a special incite into how life really works in korea. We were still doing touristy things but we were able to talk to the students about there lives and other stuff. also the experience of being in the opposite end of the country to seoul showed us a different side to korea in itself, as we found it to be more traditional, for example we went to a korean market, which they obviously have in seoul as well but this one felt a lot more authentic, there was a giant fish section and they were dried fish as it had been in seoul but they were live. I was staring at one of the stalls when the women who owed it stood up and started throwing water over everything (including my shoes) the oyseters began moving looking as if they were trying to escape from the orange bucket they were in, it was very odd. because even though everything was still alive they werent in tank and being kept properly alive just alive enough to keep it fresh. the students gave us an incite that we hadn’t had before. which was unfortunate because if we had been able to go to SADI  we might of been able to develop our projects better, by having more primary research and primary views on the culture from the korean students.


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