Korea: Final Reflection

Based on research I did on Korean product design before I arrived in Korea I found that is was technologically advanced and that there products had an incredibly wide range. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect to see when I arrived. I think that the case where ever you go though. The pictures you see on google aren’t very good at representing what the country is actually like. Which is why the only way to really know what a country is truly like is to visit it, and not the places where all the tourists go.

On arrival in Korea, I thought it was really weird that most of the technology in the airport was out of date with old arrival and departure boards that are run off lights instead of glossy flat screens, which is even more unusual when you look at Heathrow. Though when we stood outside we saw the architecture of the buildings looked like something had landed out of space straight onto the top of the airport building.

 I wasn’t sure how to reflect on Korea until I started remembering thing Id seen, they reminded me of similar things that occur in different cultures that I have experienced. With my dads job we were moved all over the world since I was 2, I spent time in Kuwait, Thailand, and the USA. So as part of my reflection on my time in Korea and researching the Korean culture I chose to reflect on the British, Kuwaiti, Thai and american culture as well, with the similarities and things that other cultures have adopted as their own.

 In the British culture a cup of tea is known as the quintessential British drink, even though it was adopted 350 years ago from China. When the Chinese have been allegedly drinking it since before 2000 BC. Another thing that I noticed on my return to the UK was all the different types of food we have here, its weird to think  but we have more restaurants of others countries food then we do our own. I think the only place you can truly indulge in British food is at a pub or chippy alley, or round your own table for Sunday dinner. This is just one example I will be making during my reflection presentation.

In a final reflection, my time in Korea has defiantly had an effect on me, and will continue to have an effect on my design process, as  I am now able to see certain dots connecting up. Seeing theses connections has helped me to understand how products and cultural aspects are able to flow freely into other cultures, whether they are right next door or half way around the world. I think the main thing that will and probably already has started to change my design process is what Rich Parc presented to us, his 10 commandments. I think I will use these to help me in all future projects I complete as they are a great refining method.


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