Mind your own Business: Sales Events



10AM – 2PM

  • AIM: to make the 100 pound seed money back, to allow all the money made on the sale on the 9th to be profit
    • sold; 10 regular card and 4 chocolates card by 1 oclock (i left the other three to handle that last hour of sales due to having a shift at work)
    • it was very slow
      • maybe this was due to the day we chose to have the sale on, Friday, many people have lectures on a Friday, so most of the people we saw that passed our table were either running late for a lecture or heading to one or even grabbing some food and heading home
      • it also may of been where he had our table. in the SU building where there is usually a very heavy flow of traffic, which is why we thought it would be a very good place to do it. so we seem to have chosen the wrong day to sell on
    • many people that saw the product and actually looked at them for more then 30 seconds actually started to read what the cards actually said, because most people just thought they were regular boring cards
    • i actually had a student stand behind me on the stairs talking to me looking at the cards on the table from about a minute before he read any of the cards that were on display, once he had actually read them he laughed and said they were great
      • this means that not only do we have to get peoples attention to the stall but we also need them to read what were selling…. make it easy as possible to show them exactly what there getting
    • Not only did we sit at the table and sell there, but jamie and aniqah went round the university with each card trying to sell in other buildings and get peoples attention to the stall, many people said they would come have a look, or that they would come back in an hour but unfortunately most people will say that just to get you off their back about buying something your selling
      • i have a feeling were gonna have to go walking around again on tuesday, to round up some more sales




  • we did pretty well at the second sales event, making over a 100
  • though after counting the remaining products we found that we had sold less then 50% of the products we had made
    • leading us to believe that the products we made were not in large demand
    • or were not made to the quality that they should of been (based on trying to save money to buy more cards to create a lot of products, but using screen printing as our medium it made the cards flimsy and they became wrinkled and out of shape once they were dry) which also made people not want to buy them


Mind your own Business: logo and advertising
















Mind your own Business: cards


  •  Using the same font as we used for the logo, to keep all the products connected to make them look more like they all come from the same product line, like most companies do
  • the images above are the basic design of each card before Dan added a few extra things to it make the design more appealing
  • i used these designs that are above for the stickers on the front of the chocolates so that the final product (chocolate cards) the design can be read from the chocolate piece and from the card



  • adding extra detail to each design makes each card more individual
    • as most cards on the market today as either relatively boring with just text, or they have way too much detail or too little
  • by having images and extra little bits of detail on to the card it makes it more eye appealing to the customers





  • adding the colour to the card was an aspect of it that the group discussed
    • we wanted to make them more eye catching as black and white print is boring and selling to art student and other university students they want to be big and bright, they need to be eye catching to get people interested in our stall and make them want to buy them more
    • we chose to buy plain white cards for two reasons
      • much cheaper and easier to use
      • make something more creative and original (by hand paint each card with a allocated colour) leaving brush stroke and allowing the colour to be several different tons on each card, making each card individual and artistic
    • after the colour was painted on to each card we left them to dry before screen printing each card with the design, with white paint
    • we used the exact same designs for both the normal cards and the postcards to keep the product line tied together and looking the same



  • the final piece that had to be added to the cards was the logo on to the back
    • using the same brown colour and logo as we had on everything else (ie posters)
    • this is did with just a regular printer, we were planning on doing this with a stamp but with the size that we would have to laser cut the logo out i decided that the stamp would most likely break from being too small and weak. either when it was being laser cut, when i was gluing it to make the stamp or even when stamping the cards
    • i think printing the logo has made a better result and a much cleaner result then stamping would of done
    • which i found to be true when stamping the packaging bags we place the products into when they have been sold

Mind your own Business: Chocolates


  • using sketches developed by Jamie
  • we as a group chose which design we thought would work best
  • 1 design for each of the phrases
  • #stud: flexing arm
  • I would: a wink face emoji
  • vodka will be my valentine: a bottle with a heart on
  • forget spooning lets just fork: a fork with a wink face
  • id swipe right: the basic look of the tinder app
  • netflix and chill: thong and boxers
    • we had to develop the idea for netflix and chill a few times as we weren’t happy using the netflix logo and an ice cube, and didn’t think the designs above were appealing enough to the customer as they are slightly boring. Then certain designs I wasn’t able to produce in clay to create the correct effect, leaving us with the final design of a thong and boxers.



  • using the sketches i was able to create models of the sketches
    • using air dry model clay
  • i used air dry model clay as it is a food safe item, and every material we used in the making of the molds would have to be food safe if there was any trace left in what we would use to make the molds (for when we poured the chocolate into them)
  • i spent several hours on making the models
    • the air dry clay was quite hard to use in the way i was using it, as it has a certain feel and texture to it that makes it much harder to smooth out and make all the details as well as they can be, which is unlike normal clay.
    • If i had made the models in regular clay i would of been able to get a better final result, and a cleaner result, but regular clay is not food safe until it has been dried, fired and glazed and re-fired, which would of taken to long.
    • leaving us with limited time to experiment to make sure the chocolates would actually work and come out of the trays correctly, and how we would mix the two chocolates together.





  • after the clay models were dry and we were happy with the design of each one, we experimented with the clay model of the “id swipe right” design to see if our original plan of how we would make the trays would work
    • the image above shows that it didn’t exactly work
    • unfortunately the clay and the material that we used to make the tray stuck together and broke the clay model
    • also we used a lot more the the putty then we originally thought we would need and the amount of putty we used for this tray wasn’t even enough


  • our solution to the problem was to vacuum form the designs
    • i was not 100% positive this would work as i was unsure weather the process would damage the molds and they wouldn’t be able to be used more then once
    • i also wasn’t use that the vacuum form would pick up enough detail from the models depending on the thickness of the acrylic sheeting
    • luckily it worked pretty well, the only issue that arose was that when the models were vacuum formed they stuck inside of the form, but they popped out pretty easily
    • we were able to make 4 more trays, once i had finished sanding the models down properly to get the best look, once they were vacuum formed
    • we didn’t use the tray above for the final chocolates as the models weren’t properly sanded down when i made this tray, the tray in the picture was purely to make sure that it would work





  • the images above are from the first time that i experimented with the vacuum formed trays and pouring chocolate into them and making sure they actually formed they way we would want them to
  • the first experiment was just will milk chocolate to make sure it worked
    • i used just under 4 bars of milk chocolate (sainsburys own)
    • which ended up making 3 slightly overfilled of our chocolate designs
    • this first batch i left out of the side to solidify for about half an hour before i placed them in the fridge, as i wasn’t 100% sure of how long it would take to solidify the chocolate or if it would have a bad effect on it if it was put straight into the fridge, as certain things will not work if you cool them to fast.
    • but in the case of chocolate it doesn’t matter which i found out when i made the the second winky face (on the left bottom)
      • we originally wanted to have milk then white then milk chocolate again to make the detail on each chocolate very visible, but we chose not to do this as we can see the detail just as well when all the chocolate is all the same colour chocolate
      • we decided to change that plan as it made the chocolate much harder to produce (which would waste time that we didn’t have when producing the amount of chocolate we need to sell) and increased the risk of them not turning out correctly or as nice as they could be




Mind your own Business: The Idea


  • sale date
  • tuesday before valentines day (9th feb)
  • make valentines products …. the usual; cards, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears
  • how to get away from the usual valentines products…. and create something new to sell
  • how to design a product line based on valentines gifts but completely original and turn it into something that university students and staff will want to by




  • after this search and a group discussion we decided to make flat chocolates with details of the phrases we chose (based on the Audrey Hepburn chocolate above)
  •  hand making cards and chocolates …. more creative and artistic .. more original and will make more people want to buy them
  • using classic phrases of this generation and time 
    • netflix and chill
    • I would 
    • Id swipe right 
    • forget spooning lets just fork 
    • #stud 
    • vodka will be my valentine
  • using theses phrases will make it more appealing towards our target market and most frequent customers at the university
  • also by using these phrases they could work for any occasion not just valentines (birthdays, anniversary)
  • making the products less soppy and more original…. for the market and the buyers



  • cards
    • colours to make them bright and individual
    • hand painted (brush strokes) to make them look more creative and artsy
    • not printed in normal boring text
    • use the same text as the logo… posters… stickers… and cards to keep everything look the same ( keep up with the brand)
    • screen print the design of the card in white on top of the colour to create an artistic look…. and get the handmade look
  • chocolates
    • instead of just selling plan old boring chocolates in boxes … make something completely original …CHOCOLATE CARDS
    • a slab of chocolate with a design on made out of milk and white chocolate
    • and a post card that stand up with the same design as the cards have to tie the products together

Mind your own Business : notes

Displaying snapshot_1453199056805.png

Meeting 19th jan

  • Always have a plan B
  • Have to know how other companies sell the same products
  • Know the tye of people your going to b selling to… students(uni) staff…. 2 very different age groups .. important to know the difference and what both might like
  • Reference people in talks in ur blog to make points and discussion pieces….. reflection
  • How do u take the things u learned here and put them back into ur subject projects
  • Approaches to have 12 bullet point in the brief
  • Should have 3 blog post by now
  • Video diary discussion….. picture montage …. Or does it have to b a video video….
  • “brand value” show wat kind of company is the brand … Gucci or primark???? ….. how do u show that …. Logos and graphic identy of the brand
  • Start thinking about how to pitch your business
  • BUSINES CARDS !!!!!!! need to b given out at the pitch
  • Receipts list of money spend and on what
  • Feedback about the ideas and overall project…. Survey monkey
  • Meaningful interruption of the creative process…. Talking to people about it so you don’t get stuck on something
  • Why do they want to buy it ….. diserability factor …. Of ur pieces
  • Don’t let your product hover circulate around valentines day …. Because of the date of the sale

Talk 19th jan

  • Chris smith
  • Intellectual property explained
  • The ipo
  • Copy right …..patent …. And trade marks
  • Ip for business…. App tool kit something
  • In the booklet
  • Trade marks
    • Any sign which is capable of being represented through graphics
    • Name …. Logo… domain name….. slogan… colour theme… shape theme…. Non traditional… music … smell
    • “a badge of origin”
  • Criteria for registration
    • 170 application fee
    • Some will create a bad looking logo… rude… naughty… on purpose to make ppl ntice it more
    • Different fes and stuff for protection in different countrys ie EU: 900 euros
    • Avoid expensive mistake
    • Awareness of competing marks
  • The creator owns the copyright…. R u paying for a service or the copy right…. Webpage someone designed it and u just have a part or it as urs….urs is only the cntent I the . they own the website and the copy right… but ppl cant copy what u have written because u own the copy right
  • Copy right will last 70 yrs after the death of the author … tv and radio 50 yrs and sound and recordings 70 yrs from the frist publication
  • Watermark ur work
  • Record the work in some way … email it to your self photocopies and photos
  • Electronic fingerprint … send it to yourself … photos with watermarks



Talk 21st jan

  • Understanding what ppl what and need
  • Hearing there issues
  • Observations and insights
  • Seeing how things that are designd can be useful but also a hinderance… road crossing with set time not enough to allow people to cross over
  • Turn a design on its head …. Make it completely original from the other products that came before ….
  • Tell a good story…. A good story to help sell the product
  • Transparency of where the product comes from
  • Positive impacts on the surrounding of making the product … ie who lives there….. who makes the product
  • Identify the values that matter
  • Identify the real need tell a good story
  • Don’t forget the people u r designing for

Presentation …. 3 oclock slot

The final week,
– products ready sale
– finished to the highest of standards …. would it b sold in an official store …. ie use handmade as an official  term to describe the product to help it sell as its a selling point
– have the nicest / best one on the table … to make the stall look better
– packaging …. product details … labelling ….
– quality  detail packaging … so when someone buys it thry walk with part of an advertisement  to help sell more
– customer feedback
– how do u get there  thought’s  with out being a crazy person …. u need testormonials for the presentation. … what u like what u dont …. y did u buy it …. need the name of the person snd that they agree its ok to use there  words in business plan and presentation
– business  plan … copy each must have and 1 additional spiral bound to give to the bored eith plastic covers … and digital copy to richard email
– sales event
– design and well made and lots of branding …. just as well made  if not bettrr then he products
– no drips

– flyers and other promotion. … on the tables in the  heart space ….
– 7:45 …. stand  needs to b up and running
– presentation
– powerpoint
– appropriate  for a business proposal
– lots of good pictures of the selling day
– camera not a phones
–  1 to 1.30 video at the presentation  ….
– electonic posters !!!!!!!
– video !!!!!!
– use ur best speaker to convey  the most important parts of the presentation  !!!!
– everyone needs to have a part to say
– all purchases and materials and reciepts  need to b recorded accurately
– angie will take all the money  then we will get the profit back to use later that day
– personal dress code and branded  clothing
– down to u


Typical questions for presentation  
–  how many  products do u need to make a turnover of 1000 ?
– how do u divide up the task?
– why did u divide them up the way u did ?
– how did u deal with  disagreement?
– how did u negotiate  the best price for the material’s  …. did u makes  any savings?
– pricing ? Market research  done ?
– how do ur teams agreed values relate to your range of products?
– how did u structure  of he business plan …. how did u change it to fit with ur product?
– how  successful  was the sale event’s. .. what would u do differently?
– what aspect of the project was  the most  important part of the project?
– how can u diversify into other product ranges and what might they b ?
– core values …. reflections on everything  u did
– dont lie
– give ppl the area they did to talk about … natural
– rehearsal ….