Mind your own Business : notes

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Meeting 19th jan

  • Always have a plan B
  • Have to know how other companies sell the same products
  • Know the tye of people your going to b selling to… students(uni) staff…. 2 very different age groups .. important to know the difference and what both might like
  • Reference people in talks in ur blog to make points and discussion pieces….. reflection
  • How do u take the things u learned here and put them back into ur subject projects
  • Approaches to have 12 bullet point in the brief
  • Should have 3 blog post by now
  • Video diary discussion….. picture montage …. Or does it have to b a video video….
  • “brand value” show wat kind of company is the brand … Gucci or primark???? ….. how do u show that …. Logos and graphic identy of the brand
  • Start thinking about how to pitch your business
  • BUSINES CARDS !!!!!!! need to b given out at the pitch
  • Receipts list of money spend and on what
  • Feedback about the ideas and overall project…. Survey monkey
  • Meaningful interruption of the creative process…. Talking to people about it so you don’t get stuck on something
  • Why do they want to buy it ….. diserability factor …. Of ur pieces
  • Don’t let your product hover circulate around valentines day …. Because of the date of the sale

Talk 19th jan

  • Chris smith
  • Intellectual property explained
  • The ipo
  • Copy right …..patent …. And trade marks
  • Ip for business…. App tool kit something
  • In the booklet
  • Trade marks
    • Any sign which is capable of being represented through graphics
    • Name …. Logo… domain name….. slogan… colour theme… shape theme…. Non traditional… music … smell
    • “a badge of origin”
  • Criteria for registration
    • 170 application fee
    • Some will create a bad looking logo… rude… naughty… on purpose to make ppl ntice it more
    • Different fes and stuff for protection in different countrys ie EU: 900 euros
    • Avoid expensive mistake
    • Awareness of competing marks
  • The creator owns the copyright…. R u paying for a service or the copy right…. Webpage someone designed it and u just have a part or it as urs….urs is only the cntent I the . they own the website and the copy right… but ppl cant copy what u have written because u own the copy right
  • Copy right will last 70 yrs after the death of the author … tv and radio 50 yrs and sound and recordings 70 yrs from the frist publication
  • Watermark ur work
  • Record the work in some way … email it to your self photocopies and photos
  • Electronic fingerprint … send it to yourself … photos with watermarks



Talk 21st jan

  • Understanding what ppl what and need
  • Hearing there issues
  • Observations and insights
  • Seeing how things that are designd can be useful but also a hinderance… road crossing with set time not enough to allow people to cross over
  • Turn a design on its head …. Make it completely original from the other products that came before ….
  • Tell a good story…. A good story to help sell the product
  • Transparency of where the product comes from
  • Positive impacts on the surrounding of making the product … ie who lives there….. who makes the product
  • Identify the values that matter
  • Identify the real need tell a good story
  • Don’t forget the people u r designing for

Presentation …. 3 oclock slot

The final week,
– products ready sale
– finished to the highest of standards …. would it b sold in an official store …. ie use handmade as an official  term to describe the product to help it sell as its a selling point
– have the nicest / best one on the table … to make the stall look better
– packaging …. product details … labelling ….
– quality  detail packaging … so when someone buys it thry walk with part of an advertisement  to help sell more
– customer feedback
– how do u get there  thought’s  with out being a crazy person …. u need testormonials for the presentation. … what u like what u dont …. y did u buy it …. need the name of the person snd that they agree its ok to use there  words in business plan and presentation
– business  plan … copy each must have and 1 additional spiral bound to give to the bored eith plastic covers … and digital copy to richard email
– sales event
– design and well made and lots of branding …. just as well made  if not bettrr then he products
– no drips

– flyers and other promotion. … on the tables in the  heart space ….
– 7:45 …. stand  needs to b up and running
– presentation
– powerpoint
– appropriate  for a business proposal
– lots of good pictures of the selling day
– camera not a phones
–  1 to 1.30 video at the presentation  ….
– electonic posters !!!!!!!
– video !!!!!!
– use ur best speaker to convey  the most important parts of the presentation  !!!!
– everyone needs to have a part to say
– all purchases and materials and reciepts  need to b recorded accurately
– angie will take all the money  then we will get the profit back to use later that day
– personal dress code and branded  clothing
– down to u


Typical questions for presentation  
–  how many  products do u need to make a turnover of 1000 ?
– how do u divide up the task?
– why did u divide them up the way u did ?
– how did u deal with  disagreement?
– how did u negotiate  the best price for the material’s  …. did u makes  any savings?
– pricing ? Market research  done ?
– how do ur teams agreed values relate to your range of products?
– how did u structure  of he business plan …. how did u change it to fit with ur product?
– how  successful  was the sale event’s. .. what would u do differently?
– what aspect of the project was  the most  important part of the project?
– how can u diversify into other product ranges and what might they b ?
– core values …. reflections on everything  u did
– dont lie
– give ppl the area they did to talk about … natural
– rehearsal ….


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