Mind your own Business: cards


  •  Using the same font as we used for the logo, to keep all the products connected to make them look more like they all come from the same product line, like most companies do
  • the images above are the basic design of each card before Dan added a few extra things to it make the design more appealing
  • i used these designs that are above for the stickers on the front of the chocolates so that the final product (chocolate cards) the design can be read from the chocolate piece and from the card



  • adding extra detail to each design makes each card more individual
    • as most cards on the market today as either relatively boring with just text, or they have way too much detail or too little
  • by having images and extra little bits of detail on to the card it makes it more eye appealing to the customers





  • adding the colour to the card was an aspect of it that the group discussed
    • we wanted to make them more eye catching as black and white print is boring and selling to art student and other university students they want to be big and bright, they need to be eye catching to get people interested in our stall and make them want to buy them more
    • we chose to buy plain white cards for two reasons
      • much cheaper and easier to use
      • make something more creative and original (by hand paint each card with a allocated colour) leaving brush stroke and allowing the colour to be several different tons on each card, making each card individual and artistic
    • after the colour was painted on to each card we left them to dry before screen printing each card with the design, with white paint
    • we used the exact same designs for both the normal cards and the postcards to keep the product line tied together and looking the same



  • the final piece that had to be added to the cards was the logo on to the back
    • using the same brown colour and logo as we had on everything else (ie posters)
    • this is did with just a regular printer, we were planning on doing this with a stamp but with the size that we would have to laser cut the logo out i decided that the stamp would most likely break from being too small and weak. either when it was being laser cut, when i was gluing it to make the stamp or even when stamping the cards
    • i think printing the logo has made a better result and a much cleaner result then stamping would of done
    • which i found to be true when stamping the packaging bags we place the products into when they have been sold

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