Mind your own Business: Chocolates


  • using sketches developed by Jamie
  • we as a group chose which design we thought would work best
  • 1 design for each of the phrases
  • #stud: flexing arm
  • I would: a wink face emoji
  • vodka will be my valentine: a bottle with a heart on
  • forget spooning lets just fork: a fork with a wink face
  • id swipe right: the basic look of the tinder app
  • netflix and chill: thong and boxers
    • we had to develop the idea for netflix and chill a few times as we weren’t happy using the netflix logo and an ice cube, and didn’t think the designs above were appealing enough to the customer as they are slightly boring. Then certain designs I wasn’t able to produce in clay to create the correct effect, leaving us with the final design of a thong and boxers.



  • using the sketches i was able to create models of the sketches
    • using air dry model clay
  • i used air dry model clay as it is a food safe item, and every material we used in the making of the molds would have to be food safe if there was any trace left in what we would use to make the molds (for when we poured the chocolate into them)
  • i spent several hours on making the models
    • the air dry clay was quite hard to use in the way i was using it, as it has a certain feel and texture to it that makes it much harder to smooth out and make all the details as well as they can be, which is unlike normal clay.
    • If i had made the models in regular clay i would of been able to get a better final result, and a cleaner result, but regular clay is not food safe until it has been dried, fired and glazed and re-fired, which would of taken to long.
    • leaving us with limited time to experiment to make sure the chocolates would actually work and come out of the trays correctly, and how we would mix the two chocolates together.





  • after the clay models were dry and we were happy with the design of each one, we experimented with the clay model of the “id swipe right” design to see if our original plan of how we would make the trays would work
    • the image above shows that it didn’t exactly work
    • unfortunately the clay and the material that we used to make the tray stuck together and broke the clay model
    • also we used a lot more the the putty then we originally thought we would need and the amount of putty we used for this tray wasn’t even enough


  • our solution to the problem was to vacuum form the designs
    • i was not 100% positive this would work as i was unsure weather the process would damage the molds and they wouldn’t be able to be used more then once
    • i also wasn’t use that the vacuum form would pick up enough detail from the models depending on the thickness of the acrylic sheeting
    • luckily it worked pretty well, the only issue that arose was that when the models were vacuum formed they stuck inside of the form, but they popped out pretty easily
    • we were able to make 4 more trays, once i had finished sanding the models down properly to get the best look, once they were vacuum formed
    • we didn’t use the tray above for the final chocolates as the models weren’t properly sanded down when i made this tray, the tray in the picture was purely to make sure that it would work





  • the images above are from the first time that i experimented with the vacuum formed trays and pouring chocolate into them and making sure they actually formed they way we would want them to
  • the first experiment was just will milk chocolate to make sure it worked
    • i used just under 4 bars of milk chocolate (sainsburys own)
    • which ended up making 3 slightly overfilled of our chocolate designs
    • this first batch i left out of the side to solidify for about half an hour before i placed them in the fridge, as i wasn’t 100% sure of how long it would take to solidify the chocolate or if it would have a bad effect on it if it was put straight into the fridge, as certain things will not work if you cool them to fast.
    • but in the case of chocolate it doesn’t matter which i found out when i made the the second winky face (on the left bottom)
      • we originally wanted to have milk then white then milk chocolate again to make the detail on each chocolate very visible, but we chose not to do this as we can see the detail just as well when all the chocolate is all the same colour chocolate
      • we decided to change that plan as it made the chocolate much harder to produce (which would waste time that we didn’t have when producing the amount of chocolate we need to sell) and increased the risk of them not turning out correctly or as nice as they could be





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