Mind your own Business: Sales Events



10AM – 2PM

  • AIM: to make the 100 pound seed money back, to allow all the money made on the sale on the 9th to be profit
    • sold; 10 regular card and 4 chocolates card by 1 oclock (i left the other three to handle that last hour of sales due to having a shift at work)
    • it was very slow
      • maybe this was due to the day we chose to have the sale on, Friday, many people have lectures on a Friday, so most of the people we saw that passed our table were either running late for a lecture or heading to one or even grabbing some food and heading home
      • it also may of been where he had our table. in the SU building where there is usually a very heavy flow of traffic, which is why we thought it would be a very good place to do it. so we seem to have chosen the wrong day to sell on
    • many people that saw the product and actually looked at them for more then 30 seconds actually started to read what the cards actually said, because most people just thought they were regular boring cards
    • i actually had a student stand behind me on the stairs talking to me looking at the cards on the table from about a minute before he read any of the cards that were on display, once he had actually read them he laughed and said they were great
      • this means that not only do we have to get peoples attention to the stall but we also need them to read what were selling…. make it easy as possible to show them exactly what there getting
    • Not only did we sit at the table and sell there, but jamie and aniqah went round the university with each card trying to sell in other buildings and get peoples attention to the stall, many people said they would come have a look, or that they would come back in an hour but unfortunately most people will say that just to get you off their back about buying something your selling
      • i have a feeling were gonna have to go walking around again on tuesday, to round up some more sales




  • we did pretty well at the second sales event, making over a 100
  • though after counting the remaining products we found that we had sold less then 50% of the products we had made
    • leading us to believe that the products we made were not in large demand
    • or were not made to the quality that they should of been (based on trying to save money to buy more cards to create a lot of products, but using screen printing as our medium it made the cards flimsy and they became wrinkled and out of shape once they were dry) which also made people not want to buy them


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