Facebook Project

The brief was to take an everyday object and connecting it to the internet  (facebook) as a hypothetical way of connecting the object to the internet.

for this project it was run slightly differently to how usual project are run that was based mostly on the exchange students, as 30 of our students went to either Holland or Belgium and we got some of there students to make up the groups. there was 6 people in each group 2 from Cardiff 2 from Holland and 2 from Belgium. This lead to a few extra problems then we usually have to deal with when we usually do a group project, these were usually to do with language barriers, or with the difference of how they tend to run group projects. which made communication and agreeing on an object and design very difficult.

We first started by making mind maps of household items and mundane tasks that we hate doing but have to do, like brushing our teeth or hoovering. We then each choose a room or an item that goes in that room to come up with ideas, once we came up with a few ideas we then shared and chose 2. The first was a fridge which scanned food, to either help you with what was going off or becoming empty or to help you with choosing something to eat for dinner. The second was a doorbell which would send a message to your phone when someone rung it, with a camera in it to allow you to see the person who is outside your door. We chose to go with the doorbell.

we developed different designs for the doorbell, and how the doorbell would work. to make it easier to install and cheaper, we chose to make it a wireless doorbell, that can simply be screwed into the wall and run off battery power. To make the doorbell more efficient we chose to make a hub to go into the house to allow the hub to do most of the work, the hub would allow for the doorbell to remain in a sleeping function with only the sensor to be on at all times so that when someone gets within a meter of the door the rest of the doorbell would activate, this will allow battery power to be saved and make the battery pack last longer then if all the functions were solely in the doorbell.

the knock knock app; allows the doorbell to send a photo of the person who is ringing the doorbell to your phone, it comes ups on your phone like a phone call. with three buttons, an ignore, open the door and speak. the app allows you to open the door even when your not at home whether your just down the road or hours away.


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