Mind your own Business: Final Reflection

This project was a very interesting project, it gave all the basic knowledge of designing items for the market, and going through the product design methods to design, create, manufacture and sell a product. By having this project being run as a an actual micro business, we were able to learn more about business experience and create products for the market, because if the project had been run in a hypothetical manor we wouldn’t of got the knowledge that we gained from actually having the sales event, and to see how people react to the products we created and how long it actually takes to create something as simple as a card.

From an early age i have always wanted to run my own business, and this project gave me an incite into how difficult it might be, or how some of our guest lectures told us that it was one of the best things they’d ever done, leaving big companies to be able to do what they actually want to design. This project was a very useful project to take part in because it showed how to go through ideas in a group, to be able to come up with an idea for a product, working through ideas that will work for a certain target market (ie students and teachers), then be able to work as a group to create these items, using each of our main skills to help create products we decided on. This project was great for me as a product designer as it helped me to develop a better understanding of the product design method, and to think about what product might actually be in demand to certain target markets, and that surveying is a very important part of the process to be able to come up with a product that is designed and produced in a way that the buyer will want to buy and use, as well as efficient and functional.

This project I wouldn’t say it completely failed as we did get the 100 seed money back, and a profit of 87, but because we sold then less then 50% of the products, it shows that the products we made (even though well thought out and made) were not in large demand for the market that we were selling for. We tried to go for a comical sarcastic side of valentines days and holidays, it wasn’t appreciated by all the people that walked past the stall, most people laughed but didn’t buy, which became very annoying as it meant that we had created a product that people wanted to buy but couldn’t or didn’t want to. Either because they didn’t have the money, or a person to buy a card for, or because they weren’t exactly appropriate for a aunts birthday.

I will be able to use the things that i learnt in this project when i do projects back in product design to help make products that will function and be effective products, that the target market will want to buy and have in there home.


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