Constellation obviously has its benefits to the students, and effects what we chose to study and become interested in. I think the dissertation proposal had more influences on me then the lectures i attended this is was mainly because with the first come style that we sign up for lectures it does mean that we don’t get to attend the lectures we truly want to go to. In the Art and Science lectures; even though interesting were not exactly suited towards me. And found little that i was able to use from these lectures into my subject or my dissertation.

By doing the dissertation proposal though it got me back to my roots of a designer, able to write about any topic and research anything. it allows me to go into any topic, and be able to truly create and write about something that i love. Through the research that i completed for my dissertation proposal so far i have found an area that i do truly love and want to remain in. It has also influenced me into designing a product for my final major project for this year. By focusing on the hands and how they work and then break down for my dissertation i have chosen to focus my final project for this year on a similar topic. Taking people who suffer from arthritis and other deteriorative disease that are similar to arthritis, which cause lots of pain and problems when completing everyday tasks. For my project i have chosen to redesign a pill pot for this target market, that is ergonomically and effect in allowing the target market not to interfere with there pain regiment. This product is very important for this target market as hands that suffer from arthritis are unable to perform certain positions due to pain and joint swelling and bone spurs. And i was only inspired to do this project through doing the research for my dissertation. showing that through doing my dissertation proposal it influenced me in my subject and what i want to do for my projects, which will continue to help me through my 3rd year when i begin to assign my own projects.


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