final reflection; Field

Both of the projects that i completed for my field module were very useful to me, especially once i went back to doing projects in my subject.

The Korea project was especially vital to me, as it connects well with my final project, that i have just completed. the cultural value that i picked up on while i was in Korea have had a major influence on me and what i want to design, and who i want to design for. The cultural value of looking after the elderly and giving them the respect and care that they need is a major part of the culture in Korea, and most Asian countries. This is something that i have chosen to keep in mind while designing things. In the final project i used this information to help me design a product that is used by the elderly to be able to get there medication when they need it and in the right amount. The Korea trip was very important for me to be able to see another culture and develop as a product designer.

Mind your own business project was also very important as it taught me the basics of the business world, and how the product design world and business world connect. The main thing that i learnt during this project was to create a product; that was well designed, well made, and that the target market would want to own. This is something that i am trying to think about and use in my subject area. As designing product, making them effective and directing them towards a target market that want and need it is a vital part of product design. I have defiantly tried to keep these things in mind when designing my final piece, as it is something that is directed at the elderly population, and has a few key features that this target market requires, such as; a simple function, ergonomics, and an alarm system to help the person remember to take there pills but also to avoid taking more then necessary and putting themselves at risk. which is a common mistake of those who live on there own with no carer or help 100% of the time.

In final reflection both of these modules were very useful to me in very different ways, it also helped me to realize what should be truly important when designing a product. Not only for the final result of the design concept but also for when developing the idea, if you do not spend the correct amount of time developing the idea and pushing ahead with the first idea the design will never truly develop into the product that it should be, and then the target market will never what the product because it wont complete any of the needs of the user. I will continue to use the things that i have learned through these 2 projects and constellation and all future projects to help me in productdesign.