Dissertation artefact progress; 15th Nov 2016

Moving on form the knowledge that I gained from my survey and looking in stores for current cutlery, it allows for development of the design to continue in the right directions.

using the two designs above which were chosen to be bought by my target market in the survey, I began to develop some design concepts.

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the design concepts above go on the idea of wedding silver cutlery, also by using the detail on the bottom of the adaptive grip, it allows for the suffer of the piece to have a grip surface in a much more visually aesthetically pleasing way then just having a simple textured surface.

to develop the idea more I drew up some cad renders of these design concepts to see how they would look in the 3D world.

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Dissertation artefact progress: 20th oct 2016

After researching  the existing market for products and completing competitor analysis it then makes it easier to write a brief to follow to hep design a product that functions well and solve the problem.

The brief for my dissertation artefact is;

Design a product, to help the early sufferers of arthritis (aged 50-60 years old) to complete daily tasks easier, with less pain and hassle. With the main daily activity to be focused on to be cooking and eating. Using an appropriate material; which is food safe, and can be cleaned easily. Also making sure the chosen material will allow the finished product to be aesthetically pleasing to the target market, as well as not to make the design to obvious as so the target market feels comfortable using the product when and wherever they might need to.

Now there’s a more accurate brief it is time to begin sketching out basic ideas, from the absurd to boring to brilliant, all possible avenues must be discovered then looked at to help further the design of the final product.

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Dissertation Artefact Progress … 10th oct 2016

After defining a more accurate context for the artefact that connects to my dissertation,  I then went back to doing more research based around the context of cooking and eating.

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Here are a few of the current products on the market, both utensils with large ergonomic grips to allow the market to hold on to them easier, also an arrangement of different arthritis gloves that come with a combination of heat and compression to allow the hand muscles to become less stiff.

After looking into a wide range of these products I chose a few products to review, doing the pros and cons of each product and defining the features of each product. This allowed me to find a gap in the market and write a brief with more perimeters for the product.

Dissertation Artefact Progress … 5th Oct 2016

After looking at the product market for people with arthritis the perimeters of the project needed to be defined more. to do this i chose to look more into the the different contexts of daily life, and the troubles that might come with that for people with arthritis.

  • getting dressed
  • going to the toilet
  • cooking
  • eating
  • reading
  • answering the telephone
  • opening doors
  • watching tv

There are obviously not all of the issues of daily life for people with arthritis in the list above, after creating the list i divided it down again to what context of daily life i wanted to work in to develop a product to help with that part of life. I reduced the list down to cooking, eating and holding slender products. I chose to go down this road as these areas of life connect well together, and being able to cook and fed yourself is one of the most important activities in life. Once you lose the capabilities of being able to cook for yourself or being able to fed yourself it forces the person to be very dependent on other people, either family members or house carers. Which can cause a knock on affect to the person, meaning that they are constantly waiting on someone else to help them, also means they are never able to eat when they want to or perhaps are able to eat what they necessarily want to eat.

Dissertation Artefact Progress … 30 Sep 2016

The artefact i chose to do that connects to my dissertation has to be something to do with my target question, therefore the artefact would have to be a product that will help the population with deterioration or trauma to the hand with daily activities in life.

after completing most of my secondary research at the end of last year and during the summer on all parts of my question, I then realised that there was some secondary research i had left out. This research was based around existing products on the market for the target population. after doing a quick search I found there are so many different product that are flooding the market for the population with arthritis, some i’m sure will come in handy to this population however others are not designed well, looking cumbersome and slightly like clown shoes versions of the original product.

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