Dissertation artefact progress: 20th oct 2016

After researching  the existing market for products and completing competitor analysis it then makes it easier to write a brief to follow to hep design a product that functions well and solve the problem.

The brief for my dissertation artefact is;

Design a product, to help the early sufferers of arthritis (aged 50-60 years old) to complete daily tasks easier, with less pain and hassle. With the main daily activity to be focused on to be cooking and eating. Using an appropriate material; which is food safe, and can be cleaned easily. Also making sure the chosen material will allow the finished product to be aesthetically pleasing to the target market, as well as not to make the design to obvious as so the target market feels comfortable using the product when and wherever they might need to.

Now there’s a more accurate brief it is time to begin sketching out basic ideas, from the absurd to boring to brilliant, all possible avenues must be discovered then looked at to help further the design of the final product.

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