Progress on dissertation artefact; 10 November 2016

After the let down of not being able to complete ethnographic research due to not being allowed to visit the facilities, it meant that i was slightly set back. To get around this problem i decided to visit a few stores in town and see what they are currently selling in the cutlery departments, to understand the current market a bit more.

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After visiting the stores i set up a survey on survey monkey, which i then sent off to my parents (who fall in the target market age) to send on to there friends. By doing this i was able to get a correct results for my target market, the survey was based around cutlery and the features and aesthetics that the target market age group will look for, it was also aimed to understand how important choosing and using cutlery is in daily life.

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the information that i recieved back from the survey was able to help me refine what people in my target market look for most in the cutlery they chose to buy.

The cutlery that was most liked in the survey was;


the second highest was;


both of these sets of cutlery have a clean, simple aesthetic to them with limited design features, therefore for my product i have also decided to take this approach with my design, a simple clean design with detail that will be similar to the second set of cutlery.


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