Development of Dissertation Artefact;2nd Dec 2016

After making rapid prototypes in blue foam, i was then able to think about ways of making the same shapes in silicone. First i asked people to tell me which of the models felt nicest to hold in their hands, i made 3 moulds using the vacuum former. Using blue foam for this i realised was not the best idea as blue foam + heat + very hot plastic + compression = problem of getting blue foam back out of the vacuum form plastic.

3 different sized grips were vacuum formed, sizes below;

1) 40mm X 15 mm (w) X 150mm (h)

2) 40mm X 25mm (w) X 150mm (h)

3) 30mm X 25mm (w) X 150 mm (h)

With two different shore strengths of silicone it allows for room for experimentation before creating a final working prototype. I was successful in creating 2 prototypes (so far) out of the 15 shore strength casting silicone, which I believe is appropriate and will work for the concept that I am designing, as this silicone is squishy and allows the hand to grip this handle and conform to the hand in the way that anyone who holds this handle will need. I haven’t been successful yet in casting the higher shore strength as of yet, this may be because of the mixing ratio, or something else.

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