Diabetes Project; options

After my secondary research was completed, I started thinking about what I could do for my project, and after a few discussions with my brother (main client, type 1 diabetic), I came up with 3 options.

  • a new aesthetic for a sharp box for in the home environment
  • a smart safe food product (snack or desert)
  • an implant to produce insulin when needed in the body (similar to contraceptive rod)

Originally i was fully focused on redesigning a sharp box, as this was the initially problem that my brother identified to me. However after speaking with my tutor i figured out that by doing a redesign of a sharp box would end up being very similar to my adaptive grip for cutlery project, as it would be mainly changing the aesthetics of the piece to make the sharp box look pretty for the home environment.

The implant would be a more interesting and complex project to complete, though to complete this project i would have to know everything about anatomy of the body, and the pancreas and how insulin works in the body. Also i would have to figure out how this implant who be implanted into the body, and how it would work and interact with the body. Therefore this project is too complicated to complete in the time frame.

leaving me with the smart food product for diabetics; with this project, it would be a product line, with a snack and desert range. Made up of low fat, low sugar cheesecakes for the desert line, and alternative crisps such as sweet potato, courgette, bacon, plantains  for the snack line. For the snack they will need to be low sugar, low fat, and high in protein to be suitable towards the diabetic population.


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