Diabetes Project; Smart food


The idea behind alternative crisps and dips for diabetics is that diabetics shouldn’t eat regular crisps, as crisps are high in salt, fat and carbs. All bad for diabetics, there are already tons of alternative crisps on the market, with sweet potato, and parsnips, beetroot and even apple. Though they seem a smarter healthier option are they actually?

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These are three of tescos current healthy version of crisps; there all 30 gram bag, which gives the consumer about 15-20 slices (not much more then 3 mouthfuls) and as you can see there all at less than 0.5 grams for fat, saturates and salt though very high in sugar with apple slices having the highest sugar content at 22 grams out of 30 gram bag.

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Now i bet these seem healthier don’t they; unlike the alternative crisps above these are not just high in sugar, some of them are high in fat, saturates, though are still low in salt. These bags are 25 grams in weight. the lowest fat content is 5.1 grams in the berry shot, with also saturates being the lowest in berry with 0.6 grams. sugars being the lowest in pea and bean at 1.3 grams.

So through this project i will have to be very careful in the decisions of which food to use in the product that i make, as it seems that even healthy trail mix and food choices can create food to be high in fat, saturates and sugars. A major thing to keep in mind  for when it comes to choosing what food to use.


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